MSP troubleshooting connection issues - previously worked
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MSP troubleshooting connection issues - previously worked


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If Microsoft Project (MSP) connector / addin suddenly stops working, and was working up to recently, what are some items to troubleshoot? (Issues such as the MSP connection not working, all projects not opening or saving, unable to log in, opening projects in MSP is hanging on connecting to PPM)


  1. Check if the issue is specific to a single-user or if it is impacting all users. If it is impacting one user see Clean uninstall of the MSP interface
  2. If it is impacting multiple-users or a specific Clarity instance, the list below will help your IT-Team determine root-cause. This list is a compilation of the most common causes that can impact MSP from one day to the next:

GCP and On Premise customers:

  1. Single-Sign-On (SSO) changes
  2. Microsoft changes (Security push, patches, update)
  3. Security changes that impact the Clarity Macro
  4. Proxy-Server changes (If being used)
  5. Fire wall: Configuration change(s)
  6. Unknown Software/Security 'Push' to all end-users

On Premise customers:

  1. Certificate(SSL) issue
  2. Scheduler URL in the CSA(NSA): Changed or incorrect
  3. Wrong or changed Port (OOTB: Non-SSL:80 - SSL:443)
  4. IP address change(s): App-Server, or vanity URL changes
  5. Load Balancer changes

Additional Information

If the above doesn't help, see also: