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DB test fails during install connecting to Sybase with localization errors.


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Trying to install AutoSys r11.0 SP5 with Sybase Client 15.5.
The Database Test fails with:

Warnings or errors occurred during the database connection test. Make sure that the database is active and that the connection information is specified correctly. Click the 'Back' button to specify different connection information. Click the 'Cancel' button to cancel the Setup program.

The context allocation routine failed when it tried to load localization files!!
One or more following problems may caused the failure
Your Sybase home directory is /opt/syb_client. Check the environment variable SYBASE if it is not the one you want:
ASE version is <opt>.
This version of Sybase is not supported.


The localization error messages are typically the results of incorrect values for the environment variables LANG and LC_ALL.
They should be set to valid values as shown in the $SYBASE/locales/locales.dat file.
Typically a value of "C" is sufficient.

Additional options for troubleshooting:

Confirm the Sybase Server is an AutoSys supported version.
AutoSys is a 32bit application and therefore requires a 32bit Sybase client for connection purposes.

Before running the install create the file .as_syb_test in /tmp
# touch /tmp/.as_syb_test
Then, run the install up to the point of the Database Test panel, click Test.
Then, toggle back to a command prompt and run the following:
# mv /tmp/ /tmp/
The commands that the Installer uses are in /tmp/
Review them and run them to see what the installer is seeing.


Component: ATSYS