Is there any way to copy an existing LOGONID to a new LOGONID?
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Is there any way to copy an existing LOGONID to a new LOGONID?


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I want to create a LOGONID who has the same LOGONID fields and profile records as an existing LOGONID.Is there any way to do so?


The MODEL subcommand which was introduced at r15 can be used to copy a subset of the logonid fields, user profile records, and role information from an existing user into a data set where you want the CA ACF2 commands to be written. This data set must be a PDS. No other types qualify. If a data set is not allocated, CA ACF2 allocates that data set as a PDS and writes the commands into the PDS. If you do not specify a member name, CA ACF2 uses the logonid value as the member name.

(NOTE : Not all user profile records will be copied. Only the following User Profile records will be copied CICS Profile, EIM Profile, LANGUAGE Profle Data, NETVIEW Profile Data, OPERPARM Profile Data, SECLABEL Profile and WORKATTR Profile Data records.)

Here is command syntax;
MODEL LOGONID(newid) USING(existingid) INTO('pds.dataset(member)')

Specify a new LOGONID on LOGONID keyword and an existing LOGONID on the USING keyword. The generated ACF commands will be stored in the PDS dataset specified on INTO keyword.


Release: ACF2..001AO-15-ACF2