Recommended CA Business Intelligence (CABI) Backup and Recovery Techniques
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Recommended CA Business Intelligence (CABI) Backup and Recovery Techniques


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This document briefly outlines the recommended Basic Backup and Recovery Techniques and Best Practices for CABI.


  1. Always have a current backup of the CABI Server's File System AND the Central Management Server (CMS) database. You must have both backups since if you have one and not the other, you will not be able to fully recover CABI if required.

  2. Before performing any CABI Universe import or export process via the CABI Designer application, ensure that you have a backup of this directory on the CABI server:

    C:\Users\<Logged in UserName>\AppData\Roaming\Business Objects

    This directory contains previously imported CABI universes and other files that could be useful for restoring CABI Universes if required.

  3. It is strongly recommended to perform a complete CABI .BIAR backup every week or every month via the CABI Import Wizard program. Contrary to its name, the Import Wizard does indeed export data from CABI. With a BIAR backup, reports are protected without having to depend on DBAs or System Admins for backup and restore of the CMS database or CABI server file system. When exporting to a BIAR File, ensure to select "Import All Instances" at the Folder selection screen. This selection exports all scheduled reports and their history. If you do not select this option, only the latest executed copy of the report is exported to the BIAR file.

    Note: TEC578365 and TEC578370 on CA Support Online have additional information on how to use the Import Wizard both in an import and export scenario.

    The attached PDF has more detailed BOXI Backup and Recovery best practices as provided by SAP (3rd-party CABI software vendor)


Release: SWAMFC059000-12.7-Software Asset Manager-Flow Control

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