I am installing CA LDAP Server for CA Compliance Manager with CA Datacom, what setup is required for the CA Common Services' libcci.so file?


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Compliance Manager for z/OS



The CA Common Services file libcci.so either needs to be a component of the CA LDAP Server LIBPATH variable in the SLAPD.ENV file or there needs to be an external link to the LIBCCI module in the CA Common Services linklist library.


Installation of CA Compliance Manager with CA Datacom requires installation of certain components of CA Common Services for z/OS with all current maintenance applied. Specifically CA Datacom back end requires the libcci.so file. There are two options to meet the requirement for the libcci.so file. Option 1 should be used if the libcci.so file exists in the USS(HFS or ZFS), Option 2 should be used if the libcci.so file does not exist in the USS.

OPTION 1 libcci.so exists in USS

So if after installing CA Common Services the libcci.so is in your USS(HFS or ZFS) then you would just need to make the directory of the libcci.so file a component of the LIBPATH variable in the slapd.env. This can be done as follows.

Identify the path to the directory where the libcci.so shared object resides and add it to the LIBPATH.

Format: Separate LIBPATH components with colons.


If the libcci.so is in the /msm/MSMSetup/SAMPLIB/ and the LDAP installation directory is /u/users/ldapr15/ the slapd.env LIBPATH statement would be:


Option 2 libcci.so does not exist in USS

If libcci.so is not an HFS file then the external link to libcci.so must be done.

An external link is a special type of symbolic link, a file that contains the name of an object outside of the z/OS UNIX file system. Using an external link, you associate that object with a pathname. In this case the pathname would be your LDAP installation directory and the object outside of the z/OS UNIX file system is LIBCCI which resides in the CA Common Services linklist CAW0PLD data set(for R14 and above) or in the CA Common Services linklist CAIPLD data set (for r12).

So if your LDAP installation directory is /u/users/ldapr15/ then UNIX ln command(issued from OMVS) would look like the following:

ln -e LIBCCI /u/users/ldapr15/libcci.so

To verify that the command worked you can switch to the LDAP installation directory and issue the ls -l command. For example:

 # cd /u/users/ldapr15/       
 # ls -l libcci.so 
 erwxrwxrwx 1 USER002 OMVSGRP 6 Mar 1 13:13 libcci.so -> LIBCCI

The 'e' n 'erwxrwxrwx' indicates that the entry is an external link, and the 'libcci.so -> LIBCCI' shows that libcci.so is linked to the external object LIBCCI which resides in a z/OS linklist library.


Release: CIEMGR00200-2-Compliance Manager-for z/OS Option for RACF