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Rediscovering routers causes 'Time occurs after 2038' error


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CA Application Delivery Analysis MTP (NetQoS / ADA) CA Infrastructure Performance




Attempting to refresh or rediscover a router on the Enable Interfaces page results in an application error

Time occurs after 2038

Parameter name: utcDateTime


The issue is caused by having the nextpollretry column set to a timestamp too far in the future in the reporter.routers table when it fails. This is due to defect 25958.

Here is an example of the timestamps that were set in those columns for a router producing this error:

firstPollError {6/4/2011 2:43:56 AM}
NextPollRetry {8/19/2031 5:43:56 AM}

When you click the refresh or rediscover button in RA, it will attempt to poll the router. If that fails, the code logic would set out the next poll retry to sometime in the future.

Based on the example, that would get set to 1/18/2072 11:43:56 AM when clicking the refresh button after this, which results in the error that it's past the year 2038.


Run the following commands on the RA master to set those fields to 0, replacing the IP address with the router having this error

Mysql -P3308 reporter
Update routers set firstpollerror=0, nextpollretry=0 where inet_ntoa(routeraddress)='';

Then try the refresh on that device again. Make sure the SNMP profile for it is correct so it doesn't fail to poll the device. If it fails, fix the profile info before trying it again.


Component: NQRPTA