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What is the difference of managed and unmanaged appliance - AppLogic


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What is the difference of managed and unmanaged appliance.


Basically, the managed appliance is the one configurable from Applogic editor GUI and its running state is aware by controller.

From user perspective, managed appliance has following capabilities that unmanaged appliance does not.

  1. All appliance properties defined in Applogic editor GUI are populated to the appliance after appliance is started up. E.g. hostname, password, ip address, etc.

  2. Full HA is supported because controller is aware of appliance runtime state and controller restart appliance once it's crashed.

  3. Automatically mount the data volume (volumes other than boot volume).

The managed appliance has such capability because it has APK(appliance kit). APK is a set of scripts and binaries injected into appliance to dynamically configure the Linux/Windows box at applaince startup stage. additional, APK regularly send run time appliance state to controller.

All the appliances shipped in Applogic catalog are managed appliances with APK installed already. If you would like to create custom appliance, for instance, by using iso2class, please follow the relevant instruction in Applogic online bookshelf to create manage/unmanaged appliance.

Note: both HVM and PV virtualization mode appliance could be either managed or unmanaged appliance.


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