CA IM CAPC LDAP Configuration
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CA IM CAPC LDAP Configuration


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CA Infrastructure Performance



The sAMAccountName configuration value is case sensitive.


A misleading syntax entry in the CA Performance Center Single Sign-On User Guide may result in problems configuring the LDAP based SSO functionality on the CAPC Server.

In that user guide, in both sections that detail the configuration of LDAP based SSO functionality, when using some or no encryption, the configuration steps give an example value of:

Example: (saMAccountName={0})

It is written the same way for the Account User examples as well.

Yet the configuration example listed in the guide shows the syntax correct in both documentation locations written out as sAMAccountName.

Note the difference between the two in the second letter. One has an upper-case 'A' for the second character. One has a lower-case 'a' for the second character.

This is a very important distinction and the correct syntax/value to be used in the one with the upper-case 'A' for the second character. This syntax is required by LDAP. If it is not correct it will make it appear that the integration is non-functional despite using what might appear per the documentation to be the correct values set up in the configuration.

This will be corrected to ensure no syntax confusion occurs in future CA IM user guides that will arrive with new CA IM releases.


Component: CAPRFC