Automatic manager right does not allow user to view timesheet hours for Other Work via action item link


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In an environment where a process sends out action items to Project Managers upon timesheet submission, a project manager with the "Project - Manager (Auto)" instance right can see the hours entered for his or her project by other users; but this does not work on Other Work. A project manager with the "Other Work - Manager - Automatic" instance right gets the TMA-0112 error when accessing the link within such action item if the user has entered only Other Work time.

If the timesheet contains not just hours for the Other Work instances the user has the auto manager right to, but also hours for one or more projects that this user has auto manager right to, then the user does not get an error and will be able to see the hours of both the project and the other work.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a process to send action items to project managers upon timesheet update if timesheet status is submitted
  2. Create a new user "Test User ABC", grant only these access rights:
    Global: Organizer - Access
    Global: Timesheets - Navigate
  3. Create a project, staff a resource "Time Tracker Resource", create a task and assign the resource to the task
  4. Create an Other Work, allocate resource "Time Tracker Resource" to the Other Work
  5. Make "Test User ABC" the Project Manager of both the project and the Other Work
  6. Enter hours for the resource "Time Tracker Resource", against both the project and the Other Work created above, Save and Submit for Approval
  7. Log out as Admin, then log in as "Test User ABC"
  8. Navigate to the Organizer or the Home General page, find the action item send for the timesheet, click on the action item
  9. Click on the link displayed for 'Object Links' right next to the label "Object"
  10. Verify that you are able to see the hours entered for both the project and the Other Work
  11. Log out as the "Test User ABC", log in as an Admin
  12. Submit some hours on a new timesheet but only against the Other Work
  13. Log out as the Admin and log in as the "Test User ABC" again
  14. Open the object link from the new action item

Expected Result: Able to see the hours submitted for the Other Work

Actual Result: Get an error "TMA-0112: You don't have sufficient rights to change the timesheet."






CLRT-71998 : Resolved in Clarity 13.3


Release: ESPCLA99000-13.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus