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EEM - Use safex to get an encrypted password string for EiamAdmin User


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This procedure is used is the EiamAdmin password has been lost and you can't logon to the EEM UI due to it.




Safex.exe file is already located in the iTechnology folder of the EEM installation in order to use the safex command to munge your password please do the following:

  1. Open up the Command Prompt and navigate to the iTechnology Folder

  2. Run the command: safex -munge Password1 (Password1 is the password that is being encrypted)

  3. Take the output of the string and paste it in the ipoz.conf file between the following tags

  4. <EiamAdminPassword> NewPasswordString</EiamAdminPassword>

  5. Save the file and restart the Igateway service

  6. Log back in to the EEM UI

Another alternative solution is that you just delete the encrypted string of the EIAMADMIN password.

So it will look like this: <EiamAdminPassword> </EiamAdminPassword>

Save the Ipoz.conf file and restart the iGateway Service. 

Logon back in to EEM UI without a password, now you can set a new password for the EIAMADMIN in the UI under Configure a EEM Server a EiamAdmin Password.

Once this is set you can log on to the EEM UI with the new password.