Receiving "Error code 8 attempting to open CSF view table ESPCSFB" after applying PTFs.
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Receiving "Error code 8 attempting to open CSF view table ESPCSFB" after applying PTFs.


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ESP Workload Automation



You applied some maintenance and now when users access CSF, they are receive "Error code 8 attempting to open CSF view table ESPCSFB".

How should you address this?


After applying PTF RO38812 (for r11.3) or RO38801 (for R5.5) to ESP Edition, you will see the messages below if you enter CSF for the first time or delete ESPCSFB member later:

*** ESPCSFB profile is creating
(there will be displayed where the data was copied from)
*** Formatting of view table ESPCSFB is complete

The changed CYBESCSI will use the existing ESPCSF or ESPCSFA from userid.ISPFPROF library, and create new member ESPCSFB in the same library. It will reuse settings in ESPCSF or ESPCSFA and create ESPCSFB with two more fields added: FullName and Applgen.

If CYBESCSI has been customized, you should carry the changes on top of the new CYBESCSI.


  • For the customization of CYBESCSI that set different default in ESPCSF or ESPCSFA, the new CYBESCSI will not change the settings in existing ESPCSF or ESPCSFA.

  • The customization that should be carried to the new CYBESCSI, will ONLY affect new users who don't have ESPCSF nor ESPCSFA. If anything goes wrong, as a workaround, new users can copy ESPCSFA or ESPCSFB from existing users.
CYBESCSI resides in prefix.SSCPCLST. PTF RO38812 also changes CYBES14 in prefix. SSCPMENU. It can run independently as TSO command without accessing CSF.

If RO38812 is correctly applied which includes module CYBES040 and CYBESCSI (also CYBES14 with new messages), but the CYBESCSI is wrongly concatenated or stored in wrong libraries then users can't access CSF and errors like below show on the screen:

** Starting to format view table ESPCSFA
*** Formatting of view table ESPCSFA is complete
Error code 8 attempting to open CSF view table ESPCSFB


Component: ESPWA