UCM IP address change
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UCM IP address change


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CA Application Delivery Analysis MTP (NetQoS / ADA)




Someone needs to change the IP address of the UCM server due to changes on their network.


If the IP address or hostname of the UCM master console or standalone UCM server is changing, these steps will update all the necessary components with the new IP address and hostname info.



For this example, the old IP will be and the new IP will be The old/new hostname info isn't as important as that is updated in the web easily.

If the IP or hostname of a collector is changed and nothing else, all that needs to be done is edit the collector in question under Admin->Data Collection->Collectors, and update the management IP address or hostname there for that collector. These steps only apply to updating info for the UCM master or standalone server.

To change the hostname or IP of the UCM master console (or standalone UCM server):

Log onto the UCM web and save new console hostname setting if that is changed via Admin->Console. Confirm console name is the correct and click on save.

On the UCM master console or standalone server, connect to mysql to make changes:

Mysql netqosvoipconsole
select * from general;

Look at the masterdb entry. This needs to be updated to the new IP address of the master/standalone.

update general set value="" where attribute="masterDB";

Still connected to the netqosvoipconsole database, check the performance_center_properties table and update the web service host info for NPC/SSO.

This mainly applies if NPC resides on the same box, because that means the IP address of NPC will also change. You may need to check this table in the other data sources as well.

select * from performance_center_properties;

Check the NpcWebSiteHost entry. Make sure it has the right IP address for NPC. If not then update it.

Update performance_center_properties set propvalue="" where propname="NpcWebSiteHost";

In the NPC database, check the tables to make sure the correct IP address is shown for the UCM MC.

data_sources2 table in NPC - so long as the sourceID remains the same for the data source, you can change the IP address and it should then contact it via that IP/host. See below for details.

Mysql -P3308 netqosportal
select * from data_sources2;

Take note of the sourceID of the UCM entry.

update data_sources2 set [email protected] where sourceid=X;
update data_sources2 set host="" where sourceid=X;

Restart the NetQoS Device Manager service for NPC. Restart the NetQoS UCM services on the UCM server.

Log into the web via Admin->Data Collection.

Reload the UCM collectors to push down the new IP address of the UCM MC to the collectors.

Click on Reload All.


Release: UCMCSL99000-3.3-Unified Communications Monitor-Management Console-HW