Clarity: Installation Checker (checkinstall) Utility Logs
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Clarity: Installation Checker (checkinstall) Utility Logs


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With the release of CA Clarity PPM 13.2, a new feature has been provided to check installation components before and after an upgrade. This is referred to as the 'checkinstall' utility. Specific details can be found in the Installation Guide and in the Change, Impact, and Upgrade Guide.

The installation generates files in the 'checkinstall' directory.


The information provided in the logs are to be used as a guide for items in the database and may not include all items. This log is provided to the installation operator to indicate user-defined items that can potentially cause issues. It also serves to remind the operator that there may be user-defined configurations that need attention during the post-upgrade review process for reconfiguration. The log files can also help the CA Technical Support team when assisting the installation operator in locating the cause of installation issues.

The installation operator should view the 'pre-check' log files before continuing the installation and also check them after the installation is complete.

The Check-Install Summary Report includes wording that is meant to serve as a guideline for how to interpret the logs as shown in one example below:

check-db-customization.xml WARNING Possible schema customization(S) have been found. Any customization to the system is the responsibility of the customer tomaintain and are not supported by CA Technologies. To upgrade successfully, all customizations must be reviewed, changed or removed as needed before the upgrade. After a successful upgrade the customizations may be added back to the system. The possible customizations found are listed in file chec-logs/database_customization_triggers.txt, check-logs/database_customiZation_indexes.txt and/or check-logs/database_customizations.txt. Customizations of any type are not supported by CA Technologies.



Release: ESPCLA99000-13.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus