Migration removes menu tree resources, which could impact installs with copied Menu Trees.


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Migration to 12.7 CA SDM removes some menu tree resources, mostly for functionality no longer in the product, such as Multi-Site. Also removed are the following;

CI List
CI Classes
CI Families
CI Models
CI Service Status

In the default menu tree for Administrators, (named admin_tree ), these resources are used for nodes under the CA CMDB parent node. The migration will change the resource to another that is already in the product, for example, "Configuration Items" resource is used in place of CI List. The issue here is if the admin_tree was previously copied to create a new menu tree the nodes need to be manually updated to use the alternate resource.


Here are the steps to update a resource on a menu tree node.

From Administration tab expand tree node Security and Role Management/Role Management/Menu Trees and double click your copied menu tree. Click Customize Menu, (note; you cannot customize an out of the box menu tree, you must make a copy and make changes to the copy), expand the node you would like to customize, right click one of the sub-nodes and select Modify Node, on this page you will see the Resource field, this is where you can change the resource the node points to.


Release: UAPMAC990JPP-12.6-Asset Portfolio Management-Asset Configuration