EMC DLM MTL and scratch subpooling
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EMC DLM MTL and scratch subpooling


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What is needed to set up CA TLMS scratch subpooling with an EMC DLM MTL device?




Release: TLMS..00200-12.6-TLMS-TAPE MANAGEMENT


To be able to use CA TLMS scratch subpooling in the EMC DLM MTL device you will need to install usermod CTSJUMSG in the IBM SMP/E zones. You will need to update the CTAPOPTN member CTOSCR00 with the subpool name and volser ranges, and CTONSM00 with the DSN information for the datasets that you want to use the pool. In the DLM software/options you will need to update the SCRATCH SYNONYM table to have the subpool name and the ranges that you have defined in the CTOSCR00 member. Beware that if you also have an entry in here for MEDIAx and ranges, it cannot contain the range of your subpool. Once all of these changes are ready then you will need to IPL with CLPA to reload the change to the IBM module and execute CAS9 to pick up the changes to CA TLMS. The name of your subpool should be no longer than 8 characters and the same name must be in both the SCRATCH SYNONYM table and the CTOSCR00 member for CA TLMS.