Usage of the System accounts created in Service Desk.


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Detailed information on the System accounts created during installation of Service Desk.


These are system generated users, each user is used by service desk to

perform tasks like closing/generating/editing a ticket or for integration


In summary, here is what each user is used for:

 System_AHD_generated: is the user used to execute ticket related functions.       
 System_AM_User: ITCM integration (Asset manager) 
 System_Argis_User: Argis integration (Asset Portfolio)
 System_CAWF_User: Workflow integration
 System_CMDB_Visualizer_User: CMDB visulaizer integration
 System_MA_User: ITCM integration (DSM)
 System_NSM_generated: NSM integration
 System_SA_User: Support Automation integration
 System_SD_User: ITCM (Software delivery)

The System_AHD_generated user should NOT be inactivated and should have a role that does not have a data partition assigned.

The others can be inactivated if integration with that product is not used.


Release: UAPMAC990JPP-12.6-Asset Portfolio Management-Asset Configuration