AppLogic - Recommended procedure of modifying windows appliance computer name?
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AppLogic - Recommended procedure of modifying windows appliance computer name?


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This article introduces the procedure to change the Windows appliance computer name


There are two approaches to change windows appliance computer name

  1. graphically login Windows box, enter Cygwin, add APK_HOSTNAME_UPDATE=yes to /etc/sysconfig/applogic_init(or remove the /etc/sysconfig/applogic_init), stop the Windows appliance. afterward, change the appliance instance name , and start up the appliance again. If you would like to know more details of it, please enter "Windows Appliance Notes" of "Appliance developer guide", and refer to "Computer Name" section. In 3.1, it's in the following document.

    Note: instance name can be found in "attribute" tab of appliance. please refer to attached screenshot for more details

    <Please see attached file for image>

    Figure 1

  2. Login controller, run '3t util wincfg name=<app_name:comp_name> computer_name=<new name>". it does not require to restart the Windows application. Please refer to below document for more details. The details of it can be found in "wincfg: Windows Configuration Utility" of "Command Line Shell Reference Guide". In 3.1, it's in the following document.

    Both of them eventually invokes following command to update the Windows box name. The name is permanently changed and will not roll back after restart.

    wmic computersystem where name=<old host name> rename name=<new host name>

In the meanwhile, they have some differences at following places

  1. APK_HOSTNAME_UPDATE approach sync the application/appliance instance name to the Windows computer name. but"3t util wincfg" only update the Windows computer name, not the appliance instance name.

  2. APK_HOSTNAME_UPDATE approach requires an application/appliance restart and it will enter the maintenance mode in the first restart for new name to take effect, but "3t util wincfg" does not require any restart.

Note: There is a known for changing Windows name in Applogic 2.x and 3.x release. After renaming Windows appliance instance name, application would fail after entering maintenance mode. if it occurs, simply start it again would bring application online.


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