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I have read this section from the documentation :

Web Agent Configurations


  • The Web Agent examines the value of the AllowLocalConfig parameter.
  • 3. If AllowLocalConfig is set to no, the Web Agent retrieves all of its configuration settings from the Agent Configuration object. If AllowLocalConfig is set to yes, the Web Agent searches the corresponding agent's local configuration file for modified or additional parameters. The settings in the local configuration file override those in the AgentConfiguration object.

But when I start the Web Agent, it seems that the Log and Traces configurations parameter that I have put in the agent's local configuration file are still overriding the one defined in ACO even if I had set AllowLocalConfig is set to no. Why is this behavior ?


It is by design.

In the "Set Up and Enable Error Logging " section of the WebAgent guide it is documented:

  • Set the value of the LogFile parameter to yes.

    Note: Setting the value of this parameter to yes in a local configuration file of a web server overrides any of the logging settings defined on the Policy Server. For example, when the value of this parameter is set to yes in a LocalConfig.conf file, then log files are generated even if the value of the AllowLocalConfig parameter in the corresponding Agent Configuration object on the Policy Server is set to no. Set the related logging parameters (that define the file name, size, and others) in the LocalConfig.conf file too to override any Policy Server log settings."


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