Error: "Could not create the Java Virtual Machine" and Error:"A fatal exception has occurred."


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CA Spectrum


When trying to start One Click Console from all the clients getting the error message "Could not create the Java Virtual Machine" and "A fatal exception has occurred."


Release: Any


To narrow down the problem verify if the OneClick server starts and if there is no error message in Tomcat log.

If this is the case it is clear that problem is at OneClick client and not at OneClick server. If the problem is observed on all OneClick clients the problem should be related to settings affecting all clients.

Verify in One Click Server --> Administration--> OneClick Client Configuration

Java Memory Usage - This sets the minimum and maximum size of the object heap for the Java Virtual
Machine used by One Click clients.
Minimum Client Memory Usage (megabytes) M
Maximum Client Memory Usage (megabytes) M

There are many variables to determine if the JVM will be able to start with the configured memory settings. The most important is the JRE version and the OS.
For JRE version the JVM (java.exe) could have additional memory requirements that could prevent the JVM's ability to load. For OS there could be other applications installed causing fragmenting memory or the memory simply isn't available.

JVM 32 bit under the most ideal conditions the limit is about 1900 regardless of what memory the system has available. This also includes /3g OS flag which has no impact on the JVM.