The way to avoid a direct user's Windows session for the dSeries interactive job to run.


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In order to run the dSeries Windows job in the interactive mode, the default requirements would be:

  • In the job definition define 'User' in the job definition and mark the 'Interactive job' option on;
  • In the agentparm.txt file (the CAWA System agent for Windows) set the 'oscomponent.interactive=true' parameter.

Also, the same user account as it was defined in the job, should be logged directly into that Windows desktop where the job was supposed to run.

Sometime last requirement might be considered inconvenient, so one more parameter in the agentparm.txt file helps to avoid it:


i.e. with one there is no need for a user to log into the Windows desktop directly.


Release: ATSAGE99000-11.3-Workload Automation AE-Remote Agent