How to install a "Main" Support Automation (SA) server on a secondary CA Service Desk Manager (SDM) server
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How to install a "Main" Support Automation (SA) server on a secondary CA Service Desk Manager (SDM) server


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When designing the architecture of a Service Desk Manager (SDM) environment, you may decide that you want to install Support Automation (SA) on a server other than the Primary SDM server. This can often be helpful if you want to remove additional load from the SDM Primary server. This document provides the steps to configure SA on a Secondary SDM server. This document assumes that the Primary SDM server is already configured and functional and that the secondary SDM server is also installed.


  1. Connect to the Primary SDM server and open a command prompt. From the prompt run the command "NXCD" to bring you directly to the root of the Service Desk Manager install folder (a.k.a NX_ROOT). Browse to the "samples\pdmconf" directory and run the command:


    You will be prompted if you want to edit the pdm_startup file - enter "Y" and press enter. You will receive another confirmation screen. After reviewing the information, enter "Y" and press enter.

  2. A list of pdm_startup options will display. Of particular note are the two items:

    M. Edit Support Auto<m>ation Tomcat Servers.
    P. Edit Su<p>port Automation Dedicated Object Server.

    <Please see attached file for image>

    Figure 1

    First select "M" and press enter

    • You will be brought to a list of Support Automation Tomcat Servers. Initially this section should be empty. Enter "A" and press enter.
    • Enter the name of the SDM Secondary server. It is important that the exact name of the server itself be specified. Please note that this information is "case sensitive" (if you need to confirm the server name open a command prompt on the SDM Secondary server and run the command "hostname") . A list of Support Automation server types will return. Select "Main" Support Automation server and press enter. You will be brought back to the main Support Automation Tomcat server list - enter "CR" to return.
    • Once you have returned to the main pdm_startup list, enter "P" to add a Support Automation Object Server. Now you will be brought to the Support Automation Object Server screen. Once again, add a server and specify the exact name of the SDM Secondary server (this too is case sensitive).
    • Note: it is possible to have a Support Automation Tomcat Server on multiple SDM secondary servers (using different Support Automation server roles), but you can only have a single Support Automation Object Server
    • After you have added the Support Automation Object Server, return to the main pdm_edit screen and enter "X" to "Save and Quit".
    • Once completed, a list of steps are provided in order to complete the configuration. These steps will need to be completed to continue the process.

  3. On the Secondary SDM server, open the command prompt and run the command "pdm_configure". Go through the configuration steps until you get to the "Support Automation" screen. For "Configuration Type", select "Main Server" and populate the remaining information accordingly. Click "Next" and complete the configuration process.

  4. From a web browser, log into the Service Desk Manager URL with an account that has administrative rights and access the "Administration" tab. Expand the "Options Manager" and click "Support Automation". A list of three Support Automation options will be displayed. The option "sa_domsrvr" must be installed and the "supportautomation_url" must also be installed. Due to the fact that the Support Automation Main server is installed on a Secondary SDM server, the option "sa_primary_domsrvr" should not be installed.

After the changes are made to the Options Manager, the SDM services on the Primary server will need to be restarted. Once this is complete the Support Automation configuration should be complete.


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