How to populate custom serial number attribute of different data type in Spectrum One click
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How to populate custom serial number attribute of different data type in Spectrum One click


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Spectrum modeling infrastructure guide talks about populating the serial number value if the Mib contains the serial number in a custom object. This Tec Doc is an enhancement to this information and talks about how you can perform the same if the data type of the custom Mib object differs from Serial Number attribute type.


In normal scenario DeviceSerialAttr holds the custom serial number mib object id to populate the serial number in Spectrum Oneclick. For this to work the custom mib object attribute data type should be a text string as serial number attribute type is text string. This will not work if the data type of custom mib object attribute is different from text string - i.e. if it is a list data type.

Follow this solution to make this work. This solution assumes that the custom mib object is already mapped to a custom attribute from Mib tools.

  1. In this solution the rlphdunitgenParamSerialNum ( object holds the serial number inside the Mib. This is of list data type.

  2. MibTools is a 2 Step process to get MIB information into Spectrum

  3. Compile and add the MIB definition file into MIB Tools

  4. Use MIB Tools to MAP the MIB objects into Spectrum Attributes .Next step is to create a new attribute of type "Text String" using MTE.

  5. Stop the Spectroserver from control panel.

  6. Open Model Type Editor from Spectrum control panel.

  7. MIB Tools creates a new model type in the catalog portion of the SSdb and applies the MIB objects as attributes on that new model type whenever a custom mib is compiled.

    • The new model type is named after the name of the MIB

    • The new model type is derived from the SNMP_MIBS model type

  8. Search for the new model type in MTE using the Model Type tab

  9. Create a new attribute on this model type with the following properties

    • Configure a name to the attribute

    • Attribute type to text string ---------> Major change . This type should map the serial number attr type

    • Flags should be external , writable , readable

    • Extended Flags should be polled

    • Placed the OID in the OID prefix field. The value for this custom attribute will be driven from this oid through polling.

    • Click on ok. Observe that an attribute id is assigned for this attribute. Lets assume this to be 0xffff0000.

  10. Click on File -> Commit to database

  11. Click on File -> exit

  12. Start the Spectroserver.

  13. Open Oneclick -> Go to the respective model for which we have loaded the custom mibs.

  14. Click on attribute tab -> Filter for attributes 0xffff0000 and 0x3d0063 -> Move them to the right panel.

  15. Populate the value of 0x3d0063 with 0xffff0000.

  16. Reconfigure the model.

Now observe that the serial number attribute holds the correct value populated by the custom Mib object. As a whole you are just creating a new attribute on custom model type whose data type is text string which is same as serial number data type .


Release: SPPREM05900-9.2-Spectrum-Infrastructure Manager-Premium Suite