Optimization of CABI services while integrating with Clarity


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These changes will provide increased capacity and stability to the CABI instances by stopping unnecessary services which return OS resources to the system and increases the amount of concurrent report runs.


Please Disable the below CABI Services if not used:

  • Desktop Intelligence Cache Server

  • Desktop Intelligence Job Server

  • Desktop Intelligence Processing Server
  • Event Server

  • List of Values Job Server

  • Multi-Dimensional Analysis Services Server

  • PM Metrics Server

  • PM Repository Server

  • PM Rules Server

  • Program Job Server

  • Predictive Analysis Server

  • Sets Profile Server

  • Sets Query Server

CABI Services Cloned and Adjusted:

WebIntelligenceProcessingServer + Web Intelligence Processing Server_PPM

  • Maximum Connections: Change from 50 to 25.
  • Memory Maximum Threshold (MB): Change from 1800 to 1700.

ReportApplicationServer + ReportApplicationServer_PPM

  • Max Concurrent Report Jobs: Change from 75 to 50.

AdaptiveJobServer + AdaptiveJobServer_PPM

  • Default settings

CrystalReportsJobServer + CrystalReportsJobServer_PPM

  • Default settings


Release: ESPCLA99000-13.1-Clarity-Extended Support Plus