Using Active Directory as External Store while with WAMUI/CA Siteminder Administrative UI and XPSExplorer, XPSSecurity/WAMUI


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Parameters to be used when using Active Directory as external store for WAMUI XPSExplorer, XPSSecurity/WAMUI


While configuring Active Directory as external store we may face issues with the attributes being used, if proper Attributes not used you may face issues in Logging in WAMUI, use below settings:

  1. Click on Configure Administrative Authentication

  2. Select Active Directory (AD)

  3. Give hostname/port/username/password.
    Note: username and password should have read/write and execute permissions.

  4. On Select User Class, keep all the values as default (Do not change the default values.)

  5. Provide Disable State: CarLicense, userid: CN, lastname: sn, Password: unicodepwd, fullname: Displayname, Firestname: Givenname
    Note: Not using the below Values can create issues with WAMUI login or you may not able to list all the users on next screen

  6. Select the user you want to make as Administrator

  7. Click finish to complete

    Login to WAMUI using the ID which you have used in Step 6, you should be able to login and then create as many as Administrators using AD.

    You may note XPSExplorer, XPSSecurity/WAMUI showing different data.

    XPSExplorer will show the 1st Administrator created from External Store and other administrators like, siteminder.
    XPSSecurity will show siteminder, SM-ADMIN-DIRECTORY and all the external Administrators.
    WAMUI will show the administrators as external Administrators and siteminder do not get confused with this data this is expected behavior.


Release: SOASMU99000-12.5-SOA Security Manager-Upgrade