When clicking on "Asset Viewer" inside the Configuration Item detail page the following error message is returned:"invalid url specified"


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When clicking on "Asset Viewer" inside the Configuration Item detail page of a CI coming from ITCM, the following error message is returned:

"invalid url specified"

The problem occurs also with localized versions of the product (in German version: "es wurde ein ung├╝ltiger url angegeben")

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If SQL Server 2008 is used, the problem could be due to AMS.properties file not having information and settings related to SQL Server 2008.

View the file:

$NX_ROOT\bopcfg\www\CATALINA_BASE\webapps\AMS\WEB-INF\classes\AMS.properties and verify if a section related to SQL server 2008 is present; if not do the following:

  1. Make a backup of the AMS.properties file

  2. Edit the AMS.properties file.
    Add the following section (this is an example, see the note below):
         #---------------------------------------------------------     # Microsoft SQL Server 2008 JDBC database connection properties     #---------------------------------------------------------     # The name of the database that the CA-MDB has been installed on     sql2008.databaseName=mdb     # The prefix of the URL that is used to connect to the instance of     # SQL Server that is hosting the CA-MDB.     sql2008.dburl=jdbc\:sqlserver\://     # The password  used with the property 'sqlserver.loginid' to connect to the     # CA-MDB.     sql2008.password=     # The ID used to connect to the CA-MDB on an instance of Microsoft SQL Server     sql2008.loginid=     # The IP port number that the SQL Server instance is running on.     sql2008.port=     # The name of the SQL Server JDBC class in the AMS classpath     sql2008.dbclass=com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerDriver     # The host name or network address of the machine that is running the SQL     # Server instance which is hosting the CA-MDB.     sql2008.host=MSSQL\\SERVICEDESK 

  3. Save the AMS.properties file.

  4. Recycle the Service Desk services.

Note: The data like sql2008.loginid, sql2008.password etc have to be replaced by valid values; usually they are equal to the data already present in the AMS.properties and related to SQL Server 2005.

For similar error message related to different cause, see also TEC472648.


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