How do I create a Drop Impact report in Batch?


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Generating a Drop Impact report at a database or multiple database level can result in hundreds of lines of report output.
This is not something that can realistically be cut and pasted into a report.


This can be accomplished using the following steps:

  1. In RC/Query, enter BR (for batch reporting)
  2. Specify the Batch dataset
  3. Select DB2 Object: (EX; DB)
  4. Select Option: DI (for Drop Impact)
  5. Specify the database name under ITEM NAME and the CREATOR and S for Drop IMP

You can then submit the batch job or it will just write the JCL to the dataset for later submission.


Release: ENDV2A00200-14.5-Endevor-SCM Interface-for DB2 for z/OS