Product descriptions for each FMID in the SMP/e Receive JCL?
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Product descriptions for each FMID in the SMP/e Receive JCL?


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CA Distributed Database Management CA Database Analyzer for DB2 for Oracle



The SMP/e RECEIVE JCL for the Database Management Solutions for IMS for z/OS includes a list of FMIDs and a 3 character ID for each FMID.

Can you provide further product details for each of these FMIDs and these product acronyms?


The product acronyms are:

/* DBO */ Database Organizer                                         
/* HPO */ High-Performance Online.  this is just the internal name for  
         DBO Online Reorg, the true name is FFOR (Full Function Online   
/* ITK */ stands for "IDI ToolKit",   (the common component of our IMS tools is COM and not ITK)
/* DBA */ Database Analyzer                                               
/* DBC */ Database Copier                                                 
/* SIB */ Secondary Index Builder                                         
/* SIX */ Secondary Index                                                 
/* HPR */ High-Performance Recovery                                       
/* CHA */ Change Accum                                                    
/* ITS */ IMS Tools Started Task (STCITK)            
/* ICM */ Configuration Manager for IMS                                    
/* IPM */ Program Restart Manager for IMS                                  
/* ETM */ Extended Terminal Manager                                        
/* AST */ Compress for IMS                                                 
/* TGR */ Snapshot General Services Facility

The acronyms correspond to the following FMIDs:

 CHA    _ CCHAF00                                                         
 IPM    _ CEW2F00                                                         
 ETM    _ CEW5F00                                                         
 ICM    _ CEW6F00                                                         
 HPR    _ CHPRF00                                                         
 DBC    _ CICPF00                                                         
 DBA    _ CIDAF00                                                         
 DBE    _ CIDEF00                                                         
 DBO    _ CIDOF00                                                         
 HPO    _ CIHOF00                                                         
 ITK    _ CITKF00                                                         
 ITS    _ CITSF00                                                         
 SIB    _ CIXBF00                                                         
 SIX    _ CIXEF00                                                         
 AST    _ CST3F00


Component: DCCADM