During Checkout the errors E03020134 and E03060019 appeared
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During Checkout the errors E03020134 and E03060019 appeared


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager - OpenMake Meister


These error messages will sometimes appear when the User wants to checkout:

  • E03020134: Unable to establish a remote connection.

  • E03060019: Process Execute failed. Process Name: check out for browse.

This is a best practice document for recommendations to alleviate this problem.


  1. The errors indicate a communication error between the client and the broker, or if the check out is being done through a remote agent, it could be a communication problem there as well. Try to ping the broker machine by hostname and ip address from the client machine.

    Also try to ping the client machine from the broker machine. Communication must be available in both directions and SCM uses hostnames only.

  2. Then try a reboot of the client machine. Also try recycling the broker service by stop broker and stop rtserver, then restart broker and see if it helps at all.

  3. On any Harvest Client machine that exhibits the issue, please update the %RTHOME%\standard\rtclient.cm and rtserver.cm file with below entry (you can add this line towards the end of existing content):

    setopt _conn_init_timeout 30.0
    Save the file and then retry your client operation.
    Adding "-cm=a" to your hclient.arg file.

    You should also add this line to the $RTHOME/standard/rtserver.cm file on the broker machine as well, and then recycle your broker so the change will be picked up.

  4. Verify the port range on your firewall and on the settings for Harvest.

    Please check also if you have enough ports open for the traffic.

  5. Increase the number of min server processes from 5 (default) to 10.

  6. Check your UDP or Notify process.

    %s1 is a line of standard error output from them.

    If necessary, redefine the UDP. Inspect the program and command line for your UDP/Notify process and verify that its syntax and parameters are correct.

    Try running the command line in a shell to see if the same error occurs.