PASSCHAR() Clarifications.


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  1. Does the PASSCHAR option REPLACE the default set of special characters or does it AUGMENT it with additional special characters?
    Or asking in another way:

  2. Can PASSCHAR option be entered as individual lines in the start-up parms?

  3. When PASSCHAR is coded - what are the acceptable characters for NEWPW? Example: PASSCHAR(&).



  1. Without PASSCHAR set, the following special characters are still valid in new passwords: National characters ($, @, #) and characters '{' and '}'.
    Then you would use the PASSCHAR control option to add, replace, or remove characters from the password valid character list.

  2. Each PASSCHAR() replaces the previous one.

    It means if you want to enter char one after another you have to do:

    PASSCHAR(|) then
    PASSCHAR(|,_) and so on.

  3. Example:

    TSS9661I        CA Top Secret PASSWORD Status                NEWPW(MIN=04,MAX=008,WARN=03,MINDAYS=01,MC)                         HPBPW(000)                 MSUSPEND(NO)                NPWRTHRESH(2)PWEXP(030)                 PWHIST(02)                  PTHRESH(003) PWVIEW(NO)                 PASSCHAR(&)                              PWVERIFY(YES)              PWENC(AES )                              TSS0300I  MODIFY   FUNCTION SUCCESSFUL 

    And &@#$12 was accepted as new password with TSS r15.0


Release: TOPSEC00200-15-Top Secret-Security