Policy Server and AdminUI :: Linux : /dev/random
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Policy Server and AdminUI :: Linux : /dev/random


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I have configured my Linux system in order to get a sym link between /dev/random and /dev/urandom as suggested by the documentation.
But, I noticed that this link is available until the next machine reboot. Then, the link is lost. How could I get this link always set, even if the OS reboots ?
This problem is annoying because when I do not have the link set, I get error messages as :

"Error: username and password do not match"

when accessing the AdminUI and the Policy Server is very slow at startup.


You have to configure the UDEV service on the Linux machine. The UDEV service is responsible to create the /dev repository at boot time. Here is a sample of the configuration of UDEV :


# /etc/udev/rules.d/70-disable-random-entropy-estimation.rules
# Disables /dev/random entropy estimation (it's mostly snake oil anyway).
# udevd will warn that the kernel-provided name 'random' and NAME= 'eerandom'
# disagree.  You can ignore this warning.
# Use /dev/eerandom instead of /dev/random for the entropy-estimating RNG.
KERNEL=="random", NAME="eerandom"
# Remove any existing /dev/random, then create symlink /dev/random pointing to
# /dev/urandom
KERNEL=="urandom", PROGRAM+="/bin/rm -f /dev/random", SYMLINK+="random"

rf.: ( http://superuser.com/questions/309840/how-can-i-point-dev-random-to-dev-urandom )

You will get more information on the UDEV service from:

# man udev



among the others.


Release: SOASMU99000-12.5-SOA Security Manager-Upgrade