DB01801E - INTERFACE ERROR - 44 at startup


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Interface error code 44 indicates either the CA Datacom SVC or PC call has to be loaded on the LPAR where CA Restart Option for z/OS Schedulers (CA 11) is attempting to start.


If the startup of CA 11 receives message, DB01801E - INTERFACE ERROR - 44, normally it is related to the CA Datacom SVC or PC call not yet being loaded by CAIRIM on that system.

Interface error code 44 indicates either the CA Datacom SVC or PC call has to be loaded on the LPAR where CA 11 is attempting to start.

Recommended action: For normal PC usage, install the DBPCSPR module using CAIRIM. If the SVC is being used, correct the SVC number as needed. The DBUTLTY function REPORT MEMORY=MVS provides the installed and available PC routines and SVC routines.

For CA Datacom release 12.0, the SVC is used. INSTJCL member AD12SVCL can be used to load the CA Datacom SVC. Release 14.0 of CA Datacom use PC call. INSTJCL member AXRIM01 can be used to load the PC call for CA Datacom.

It is also important to note that if not using link list (which CA Datacom recommends), you should also ensure that the CA 11 started task on that LPAR has steplib reference to the correct CA Datacom CUSLIB and CAAXLOAD (CAILIB for CA Datacom release prior to r12.0).


Release: ELEVEN00200-11-Workload Automation-Restart Option-for Z/OS Schedulers