How do I setup Silent install of Agents?
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How do I setup Silent install of Agents?


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CA Release Automation - DataManagement Server (Nolio) CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio)


Silent install is recommended for Nolio agents mass installation.




Preparing the Nolio Agent installation folder

  1. Create an installation folder.
  2. You can download the Nolio Agent Installation file in one of two ways:
    - Goto http://localhost:noliocenter:8080 and download the agent installation file (Windows or Linux) to the installation folder.
    - Copy the relevant agent installation file (nolio_agent_windows*.exe for Windows or nolio_agent_linux*.sh for Linux) from /scripts to the installation folder.
  3. Copy the agent.response.varfile file from /scripts to the installation folder.


Installing Nolio Agents

In every server you want to install Nolio Agent, run the following command from the installation file directory:
?-?In Linux:./nolio_agent_linux_*.sh -q -dir (Install dir) -varfile agent.response.varfile -Vsys.installationDir=(install dir) server name) -Vnolio.execution.port=6600 -Vnolio.nimi.port=6600 -Vnolio.check.connectivity=false -Vnolio.nimi.secured=false
?-?In Windows: ./nolio_agent_windows_*.exe -q -dir (Install dir) -varfile agent.response.varfile -Vsys.installationDir=(install dir) server name) -Vnolio.execution.port=6600 -Vnolio.nimi.port=6600 -Vnolio.check.connectivity=false -Vnolio.nimi.secured=false

Note: Vnolio.execution.port and -Vnolio.nimi.port are the ports in which the Nolio Execution server is configured to work. (default: 6600)
Vnolio.nimi.secured - specifies whether the communication between the agents and the Execution server is encrypted (default: false)
Optional values for Nolio agents on Windows OS:

nolio.service.user=[Service Account Username][Service Account Password]
Verifiy Installation

Once the installation is complete, open the Agent Management menu in the Nolio UI, to confirm that the agents are listed.