How to create a GRLoader load file that will pass a "lookup" field for CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) r12.7


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CA SDM r12.7 has enhanced the options for GRLoader, but with these enhancements the method of creating a load file to pass a "lookup" field has changed slightly. This document provides an example of how to format a GRLoader load file to pass the lookup field "Location".


Lookups on Configuration Item loads have been an integral part of GrLoader. However with the new changes to CA SDM r12.7 the method of formatting the load file has changed slightly.

Previously an XML Load file's format would use a syntax that would look similar to:

<*attribute* lookup =parameter>value </*attribute*>

For example, to add a location to a Configuration Item based on its UUID you would use:

<location lookup=id> UUID </location>

This will assign the location that matches the UUID to the Configuration Item that you are loading/updating.

For the new GrLoader supported formats, you should use the following format on XML or Spreadsheet files: header needs to be the attribute name and the actual value has the lookup within it.

For Example:

Attribute name on header

Value to lookup {parameter to lookup}


For adding a location to a Configuration Item named "Printer" based on its UUID, you would format the .CSV or .XLS file like this:

Name Location
Printer UUID{id}


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