Separate JVM running Daily Stats Aggregation failed to start due to insufficient Stack Size (Bad rows processed).


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE



When the daily stats aggregation does not occur due to its JVM failing to start, you may see an error message in the EM log such as:

[WARN] [DailyAggregation.Thread1] [] Bad rows processed:

The typical/default value of "-XX:ThreadStackSize" is 128 and is sufficient for most JVMs. Occasionally, this stack size is too small for some Windows and Linux JVMs.


To work around this issue, depending on the JVM bit mode, perform one of the following tasks on the EM running the Stats Aggregation

32-bit JVMs:

  • Stop EM

  • Edit the file <em-root-dir>/config/ and modify dailystats.jvmArgs to increase the "-XX:ThreadStackSize" to 192. If this stack size is still not sufficient, increase it to 256. The default value of "-XX:ThreadStackSize" has been increased to 192 in release 9.1.7 and future release 9.5.1.

  • Start EM

64-bit JVMs:

  • Stop EM

  • Limiting the thread stack is not necessary because the heap on a 64-bit JVM can be many times what it can be on a 32-bit JVM. Therefore edit the file <em-root-dir>/config/ and modify dailystats.jvmArgs to remove the "-XX:ThreadStackSize" parameter.

  • Start EM


Component: APMCM