How do I find out what is blocking my process from running?
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How do I find out what is blocking my process from running?


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When using Nolio with a large amount of processes and users, Sometimes multiple processes require the same resources. You won't be able to start a process due to another process using that agent. This can create blocked processes that won't run and backup your deployment pipeline.




  • The best practice is to schedule and verify that a single process is running at one time. Alternatively you can set the Multi-Process server as a Utility server to allow it to run more than one process at a time.

When this happens.

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Figure 1

You can analyse the situation using the Blocked Runs Tab

Located in the Environments tab, when you choose the Application root.

<Please see attached file for image>

Figure 2

This view will give you concise and accurate information about where? why ?and when? of which Processes are waiting and which Processes are blocked.

From here you can either trouble shoot the blockage or cancel the Problem process.

If this Doesn't show where the Problem is then You can run the Online Jobs report from the reports tab,to see If the process is Active.

However, contrary to what is stated in the error message, the Active Process Runs window does not show the mentioned process nor the mentioned server running a different process.

In rare cases, the process status is shown as active in the Nolio Center Active Runs list although it is not active anymore.

The Solution

  1. Connect to Nolio Center with port 20203 (http://noliocenter:20203).

  2. On the Nolio Agent page, on the Server view tab, scroll to the end of the page to the Domain: noliocenter subsection and select the noliocenter:type=info link.

  3. In the displayed MBean View page, in the listAllRuns section select the Invoke button.

  4. In the Invocation successful page locate the faulty process record and write down its PID.
    In the following example the PID is 345.

    345 Check condition (May, 18 2010, 08:51:11)FLOW_FAILED_PAUSED Tue May 18 08:51:13 IDT 2010

  5. Return to the MBean View page and scroll to the removeProcessRun section.

  6. Under Parameters enter the PID in the text filed and select the cooresponding Invoke button.

  7. After the Invocation Successful message is displayed, return to the MBean View page and repeat step 3 and 4 to confirm that the PID does not exist anymore.

  8. Now Re-run the process in Nolio.


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