As Of date is Deleted when a Project is saved from MSP


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Clarity PPM On Premise


In the MSP (Microsoft Project) New Driver, the 'As Of' date set for the project is deleted in Clarity when the project is saved back from MSP to Clarity.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Add the 'As Of' field to the project list layout: 
a. Click the Options icon 
b. Click Configure 
c. Move 'As Of' from 'Available Columns' to 'Selected Columns, then click 'Save and Return' 
2. Create a project in PPM with required fields 
3. Navigate back to the project list and populate the 'As Of' field with a date (in this example, 11/30/16), then click Save 
4. Click on the link to the project and navigate to the Tasks tab or Properties tab 
5. Go to 'Open in Scheduler' -> 'Microsoft Project [Read-Write]' to open the project in MSP 
6. Save the project back to PPM (no changes need to be made to the project in MSP) 
7. Navigate back to the Project list page and observe the 'As Of' field for the project (Be sure to refresh the page to see the change post save)

Expected Results: As Of date of 11/30/16 still shows

Actual Results: As Of date field is blank


This is caused by CLRT-81600/DE30906


This applies to the MSP New Driver 14.2 through 15.1


This issue is fixed in Clarity 15.2. Ensure that the MSP Interface is also on the same version as Clarity

Workaround: Create a mapping between MSP and Clarity for the As of Date field:

  1. In Clarity, go to Administration->Project Management->MSP Field Mapping
  2. Click New to create a new map
  3. Add the following information:
    • Object Type: Project
    • Data Operation: Import And Export
    • Clarity Attribute ID: prAsOf
    • MSP Field Name: Date10 (or any date field not currently being used)
  4. Click Save and Return

Now, when you save projects back, the As of Date will be retained