Editing JES2 Jobid's


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Can CA MIM edit the JES JOBIDs on a system which is using 7 digit job numbers?


Release: 12.5
Component: MICL 


CA MICL can not edit the JOBID on a system which is using 7 digit job numbers, there is not enough space to put the system alias. A circumvention might be to modify the MFORM parameter (You see this when you perform the z/OS command D C,*), to show the system name. The MFORM in the D C,* display would show something like the following: 


So you would need to modify this to also include a system display. 

From a MIM perspective, you can also modify the GCMINIT statement parameter SYSNAME, to specify EXTERNAL, which would reflect the external/sending system id in the message. The default for this parameter is LOCAL, which would give the sysid of the local system. 

If you go with modifying the z/OS Display Console MFORMS, be aware that it may hinge on the type of console you are using (ie: Master Console, Sysview Console, Automation Pkg Console, etc

Additional Information

Please review related information in the CA MIM documentation, specifically section titled: (MIC) GCMINIT Statement-Set GCMF Initialization Statements