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Adhoc views / reports error "AccessDeniedException: Access is denied" when you are missing domain permissions


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You are receiving the error Error Message: " Access is denied" when accessing the Adhoc views created by other users. You have all the Advanced Reporting rights in
Clarity and the required jobs are also executed. The roles you are assigned to also have rights to the folder where the adhoc view is saved.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Log in as admin and navigate to Advanced Reporting
  2. Create a simple Adhoc view using Project Management domain
  3. Save the Adhoc view under cppm***/cappm/adhoc views with the name Test_adhoc_view
  4. Create a user ABC
  5. ABC should be granted Advanced Reporting global rights as below
    • Advanced Reporting - Ad Hoc Create
    • Advanced Reporting - Navigate
    • Advanced Reporting - Report Create
  6. Run the Load Data Warehouse Access Rights Job
  7. Log in as user ABC and navigate to Advanced Reporting
  8. From the Library, click on Test_adhoc_view

Result: The below error message is thrown: 
Error Message: Access is denied


You are given access from Clarity to view all the Adhoc views and reports, but you are not provided access to view the data in the project management domain.


Clarity - All Versions


You need to be assigned to the role csk_role_project_management if you are supposed to view the data in the Project Management domain. The same applies to the other management domains. This will allow you to view data in those management domains.