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Following note on Report server mentioned in R12.52 CA SSO documentation

Note: Starting April 1, 2016, customers who are new licensees of (CA SSO) do not have rights to access or use the CA Report Server from CA Technologies as a component of the product. Customers who licensed CA SSO before April 1, 2016 continue to have rights to access the CA Report Server from CA Technologies and use the CA Report Server with CA SSO.


1. What is the plan for customer use CABI 3.x?

2. What is the plan for customer use CABI 4.x?

3. Would like to know if there is any replacement for report server, if we deploy CA SSO 12.6 what report tools shall we use?

4. What if existing report server end of life, what other report tools shall customer migrate to ?


- CA SSO version 12.5, 12.5x, 12.6



1. CA will be providing limited support for CA Business Intelligence 3.x, All Languages, All Releases, All Service Packs, beginning THURSDAY, DECEMBER 31, 2015. This is due to SAP has announced end-of-service for the version of BusinessObjects used by CA SSO 12.5, 12.5x.

Customers may continue to run and use CA Business Intelligence 3.x in production and non-production environments after the End-of-Service Date. Customers can continue to contact CA Support (Level 1) after Thursday, December 31, 2015, for basic installation, administration, configuration, usage, and trouble-shooting of CA Business Intelligence 3.x on an "as is" basis if installed in conjunction with a still-supported product version. However, due to SAP’s End-of-Service for the BusinessObjects 3.x, if a workaround cannot be determined, the customer understands that their problem may potentially be deemed "irresolvable".
After THURSDAY, DECEMBER 31, 2015, CA Technologies will no longer provide fixes, patches, service packs, updates, upgrades, programmatic changes, new features, or coverage for updated or new operating systems, databases, browsers, or any additional components for CA Business Intelligence 3.x.

2. 12.52 CA SSO is using 4.1 SP3 version of CA Business Intelligence. CA will no longer distribute CA Business Intelligence 4.x (CABI 4.x) as of April 1, 2016. CA will continue to support existing CABI 4.x customers through its end of service on December 31, 2018.

3. CA SSO 12.6 can use CABI 4.x. Customer who has the product license prior to 1st April 2016 can use CABI 4.x till end of support 31st Dec 2018. For customer who has product license after 1st April 2016 is not entitled to use CABI 4.x.

4. The path we are taking in CA SSO is rather than bundling 3rd party report server in CA SSO directly, our strategy is to have customers leverage their corporate BI system and be able to use CA SSO data being published and then available for their standard corporate BI solution.

We will be deprecating our support for an in-product Report Server. When existing report server end of life, the customer will be able to either
a.    Buy continual usage of the report server from the Report Server’s owner (in this case CABI 4.1 SP3 is a packaged version of SAP’s Business Objects report product)
b.    Or they can choose to use a Report engine of their own choosing that can use audit data that is published from CA SSO.

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