OWB login errors when using proxy
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OWB login errors when using proxy


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When trying to login to Open Workbench (OWB), the login does not complete. Users may receive the following error: "A server error occurred during login: - Connection timed out: connect". Alternatively, they may receive no error, but OWB remains stuck on the Requesting Authentication step, or users get continuously prompted to re-login. 

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Navigate to a project in Clarity
  2. Click the "Open in Scheduler" drop down on the Project Properties or Tasks tab
  3. Select Workbench [Read-Write] or Workbench [Read-Only]

Expected Result:  Project opens successfully in OWB

Actual Result: The following error appears in OWB: 

A server error occurred during login: - Connection timed out: connect and the project does not open.

Other symptoms you may see instead: 

  • There is no error, but OWB remains stuck on the Requesting Authentication step and the project does not open. 
  • There is no error, but OWB repeatedly prompts users to re-login, but doesn't accept the credentials to complete the login. 


This typically is caused by missing proxy credentials during login to OWB.


When you get the login window for OWB, click the Setup button, then populate the following Proxy information: Proxy Host and Proxy Port

To get the proxy information:

  1. Find the proxy URL if using Internet Explorer (IE) by going to IE > Tools > Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings >
  2. Copy the address under the 'Automatic Configuration' section
  3. Enter the address copied in step 1 on a new IE tab
  4. This should download a Wpad.dat file. Save that file on the desktop, and open it in Notepad.
  5. Search for proxy
  6. That should direct you to the proxy URL and port # needed

Alternatively, check with your network administrator for the Proxy server and port information.


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