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Getting 'ActiveX is not enabled' error message when trying to activate online license key for Agile Requirements Designer.


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CA Agile Requirements Designer



When trying to activate online license key for Agile Requirements Designer, I am getting the error message: 'ActiveX is not enabled. Please enable ActiveX or use Offline license transfer'. 

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To apply the license, I used the steps in this knowledge document:  


CA Agile Requirements Designer (ARD), formerly Test Case Optimizer (TCO)
Release versions 2.0 and above.


Sometimes when browser plugins like JavaScript, Active Scripting, or ActiveX are not enabled, you might receive this error. 

You may see additional or alternative error messages like 'JavaScript/Active Scripting is not enabled' after applying the Online license key.

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CodeMeter requires these plugins to activate an Online Agile Designer license key. These browser plugins are not required prerequisites for using Agile Designer because you can use an Offline license key to activate the product. Some companies may not allow these plugins, and if this is the case, we recommend using an Offline license key. See the instructions below on how to receive and apply an Offline license key. 


This can be resolved by either enabling the mentioned browser plugin or using an Offline license to activate Agile Designer instead.

To enable Internet Explorer with ActiveX:

To enable Chrome with ActiveX:!topic/chrome/XfzoEeDojqg 

To enable FireFox with ActiveX: 

To enable Chrome, FireFox, and Internet Explorer with JavaScript/Active Scripting:

After enabling plugins, you will need to apply the Online Agile Designer license key using the steps listed in this document:  

Directions on how to receive and apply and Offline Agile Designer license: 

Additional Information:

If you experience any further licensing issues, please open a support case on or call 1-800-225-5224. 


Release: TCDWRK99000-2.1-Agile Requirements Designer-Workgroup


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