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Client Automation - What is LocationAwareness and can you import and export the Configuration settings?


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What is Location Awareness and can you import and export the Configuration settings ?              


CA Client Automation - All supported versions


Normally an agent is pointed directly to only one Scalability Server.

Here are 2 benefits of using LocationAwareness:


Agents change Scalability based on Location:

If the agent is a laptop and travels around, you might want the agent to point to the closest Scalability Server automatically.

This allows an agent that is normally pointing to a Scalability in California, to automatically point to a Scalability in New York,

if the user goes there.


Primary and Secondary Scalability:

LocationAwareness also allows an agent to have a backup Scalability Server, since LocationAwareness has priorities,

so you can set a Primary and Secondary Scalability Servers.  


LocationAwareness Script to Import/Export the Table 

If you have a big environment, your LocationAwareness table can get very big and can be hard to keep organized using the Configuration Policy screen.

Supported has created a group of scripts to Import and Export the LocationAwareness Table.


This tool is helpful for the following reasons

BACKUP  -  Backup of the Table in case you lose the Configuration Policy

IMPORT  -  You can fill out the table in Excel, export that as a CSV file and then import into the Configuration Policy

ORGANIZATION - This table can get big and it can be easier to organize it outside of the Configuration Policy.