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SD job in error "Exit code 9009 indicates possible error [SDM228001]"


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When sending a SD package to a Windows computer, following error message appears :

Exit code 9009 indicates possible error [SDM228001]




In a DOS batch, error 9009 means that a command has not be found :





On target computer, open a DOS prompt and execute 

set PATH


Check in the PATH variable if some paths are missing or if there are some invalid paths or invalid characters.

Check if C:\windows and c:\windows\system32 are present in PATH variable. (adapt the letter drive with the drive where Windows is installed).

Also batch script of the package could be analyzed to determine which command is not found.


Example :

In this example c:\windows and c:\windows\system32 are missing in PATH variable :


If a problem is detected in PATH variable, following steps could be followed :

1- Go under Control Panel – System and Security - System



2- Click on "Advanced System Settings" and on "Environment Variables" button :



3- Under System Variables, doble click on Path and correct the problem.

Example : In case of missing c:\windows and c:\windows\system32, following paths should be added at beginning : 




4- Click OK several times in order to close System Properties.


5- Open a new DOS prompt and execute « Set PATH » to check that PATH is correct :

Example :



6- Restart caf in the same DOS prompt :

Caf stop

Caf start