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After update to snmpcollector v. 3.2 many device profiles in failed state


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


After updating snmpcollector probe to version 3.2, many or all device profiles show a failed state (warning triangle with exclamation point icon). Data may or may not still be collected for the profiles. Deleting the profile and forcing it to discover does not resolve problem. 


There are changes to the snmpcollector probe version 3.2 regarding discovery and metrics families that could cause this issue.


This document applies to snmpcollector version 3.2, usually after updating snmpcollector (for example: from version 2.6)


1. Backup your snmpcollector.cfg before making changes. 

2. Create two keys in the configuration setup section (Raw Configure): 

        DISCOVERY_FAMILY_RETRY with value 1000 

        DISCOVER_DEVICE_TIMEOUT with value 10 

3. Add the following lines to the snmpcollector.cfg file under the section <metric families>: 

          normalized-mpls-segment-out.xml = disabled 

          normalized-mpls-segment-in.xml = disabled 

          normalized-qos-net-port-que-in.xml = disabled 

          normalized-qos-net-port-que-out.xml = disabled 

4. Deactivate/reactivate snmpcollector probe. Then force discovery on the failed profiles.


Additional Information

Note: This problem may be corrected in later versions of the snmpcollector probe. Please do not implement this fix unless you experience the problem described.