I am trying to discover a suse linux server 3.0 with RSP probe. I am getting authentication failed but I can login with putty from the same robot without a problem. What is the issue?


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When trying to discover a suse linux server the authentication if failing.
In the logs we see the following:
Aug 9 12:57:08:512 [3364] rsp: thrDiscoverHost: Called with hostname=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
Aug 9 12:57:08:512 [3364] rsp: thrDiscoverHost: Hostname resolved to hostname.domain.com
Aug 9 12:57:08:512 [3364] rsp: thrDiscoverHost: Detecting the IP address for the specified host
Aug 9 12:57:08:528 [3364] rsp: sockClose:0000000001FAD680:xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/61790
Aug 9 12:57:09:558 [3364] rsp: sockConnect - connect to hostname.domain.com 48000 failed 10061
Aug 9 12:57:09:558 [3364] rsp: thrDiscoverHost: Discovering OS
Aug 9 12:57:09:558 [3364] rsp: connect_ssh: do ssh_connect for host hostname.domain.com
Aug 9 12:57:09:604 [3364] rsp: authenticate: try to authenticate
Aug 9 12:57:09:667 [3364] rsp: authenticate: authenticate methods: 20
Aug 9 12:57:09:667 [3364] rsp: Authentication failed for host hostname.domain.com
Aug 9 12:57:09:667 [3364] rsp: thrDiscoverHost: Connection attempt with hostname.domain.com failed.
Aug 9 12:57:09:667 [3364] rsp: Time taken in discovering hostname.domain.com=1
Aug 9 12:57:09:667 [3364] rsp: SREPLY: status = 3(invalid argument) ->xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/36244


The problem in this case was the target system was setup for keyboard-interactive authentication.
The RSP probe no longer supports keyboar-interactive authentication.
Please see the documentation:
From the RSP documents:

Note: The rsp probe supports only password-based and key based authentication. Keyboard-Interactive and authentication less method are not supported. If the unix-based remote server is not password-based or key-based authentication that is enabled, the rsp probe is not able to discover the remote host.
To test you can use the following commands:
plink.exe> -ssh [email protected]xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx /b
in/uname -s -v -r -m
Using keyboard-interactive authentication.
Linux 3.0.101-0.7.17-default #1 SMP Tue Feb 4 13:24:49 UTC 2014 (90aac76) x86_64


NOTE: The below changes can be made to sshd configuration file to allow the rsp probe to work. PLEASE CHECK WITH SYSTEM ADMIN FIRST!!!!

the following 3 lines will change behavior.
(NOTE - Support is not responsible for affects brought by SSH config changes. Consult System Admin before change)
PermitRootLogin yes (Default value - Comment out)
PasswordAuthentication yes (Default value - no)
PermitEmptyPasswords no (Default value - Comment out)


Release: CNMSPP99000-7.6-Unified Infrastructure Mgmt-Server Pack-- On Prem