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Job check error "updating sourcelist"


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When Job Check runs on some agent machines the following message appears in the job check window:

"Updating sourcelist using server <scalability server name>"

The \CA\DSM\Logs TRC_USD_SDAGENT_*.logs show:

ERROR  | MSI sourcelist update failure, accessing \\<Scalability Server Name>\SDMSILIB failed. ec:1 rc:0


As the logs indicate  this a permissions error where an installed package having an MSI share point cannot connect to the MSI server share  SDMSILIB on the Scalability server.


CA Client Automation - All Versions


Check that the agent has permission to the MSI share on the scalability server and the 'local system' has permission to the share.

If the agent machine is in a different non-trusted AD Domain from the DM this error can occur and adding the machine to a trusted windows Domain should prevent the error.