In a Resource Calendar, changing non-working days back to working days isn't reflected correctly in Microsoft Project


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In the Microsoft Project (MSP) New Driver, when changing the non-working days of a resource back to working-days in the Resource Calendar, Microsoft Project doesn’t display the update correctly after exporting the project from CA PPM.
The context of the issue is when a user is marking dates in the resource calendar as “Non-Workday (Base Calendar)” to set vacation time, holidays, time-off, etc. The need to make changes to those non-working days afterward is where the problem occurs.
When these non-working days are changed back to working days, PPM will display this update accordingly, but an inconsistency is shown after the project is exported to Microsoft Project. The availability calendar for the resource in MSP will continue to display those days (that had been changed back to working days in PPM) as non-working days.
Steps to Reproduce:
  1. In CA PPM, select a Project
  2. Go to the Team Tab on Project and assign a resource to the project team
  3. Navigate to the availability calendar for the resource
  4. Mark several (2-3) normal working days as non-workdays and Save
  5. Change those same non-workdays back to working days using the Make Workday button and Save
  6. Navigate to that project the resource is assigned to, export to Microsoft Project
  7. Open the calendar for the resource in Microsoft Project (Project ribbon > Change Working Time, set the For Calendar to the resource’s calendar) and navigate to the time period of the non-working days 
Expected Result:
The non-working days that had been changed back to working days in PPM should be showing up as normal working days in Microsoft Project
Actual Result:
The affected days continue to show up as non-working days in Microsoft Project, even though they had been set back to working days in PPM and display as such there.


<Please see attached file for image>


The screen capture above shows a resource’s calendar in PPM, with the dates June 6th-10th, and June 20th-24th being the affected days. Those dates were set to non-working days and then changed back to working days in PPM.

PPM reflects the update correctly, but the resource calendar in the exported project does not as it continues to display June 6th-10th and June 20th-24th as non-working days. (June 27th-30th is kept as non-working time in PPM and thus reflected correctly in MSP)


Caused by DE40557


Release: ESPCLA99000-14.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus


DE40557 has been fixed in our upcoming PPM 15.5 release. 

Open the resource calendar in PPM, select the affected days and use the Reset to Base option. The calendar for the resource in Microsoft Project then displays the working days correctly.


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