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UIM Server Installation fails on MySQL environment - installer stops at "mysql_ace_create.sql" with no error message.


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


UIM Installation on MySQL database may fail without an error message. The installer stops at Step 8 of 9, "mysql_ace_create.sql". 




Database Schema Configuration



 [1/9] mysql_nis_base_create.sql ... - OK

 [2/9] mysql_slm_create.sql ... - OK

 [3/9] mysql_dataengine_create.sql ... - OK

 [4/9] mysql_nis_installer_create.sql ... - OK

 [5/9] mysql_nis_account_create.sql ... - OK

 [6/9] mysql_discovery_server_create.sql ... - OK

 [7/9] mysql_nis_server_create.sql ... - OK

 [8/9] mysql_ace_create.sql ...


The installer log file (located at /tmp/ca_uim/ on Linux, or C:\tmp\ca_uim\ on windows) will contain the following errors:


2016-11-03 10:59:41,628 ERROR impl.UIMServerDBSchemaController:run:132 [main]  - NimException caught


(503) , java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: Invalid default value for 'last_update': Invalid default value for 'last_update'




This is caused by a (now deprecated) setting in MySQL. The setting is called explicit_defaults_for_timestamp.  






UIM 8.47 - New installMySQL 5.6 or above


To resolve the issue, examine the my.cnf or my.ini file (depending on your MySQL platform) and locate the following line:




Remove this line or set it to a value of 0, and then restart MySQL and try the installation again.



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