"New From Template" does not copy all template items


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Clarity PPM On Premise


When we try to create a new Project from template, using the "New From Template" button information from the template  (Ie: tasks, staff, collaboration folders and documents, etc) are not copied to the project.

Additionally, when creating a project from template using a process, the expected items are not copied over to the new project.



When a project template is linked with a process the behavior of the "New from Template button changes.  Tasks, Staff, Financial Plans, Risks/Issues/Change Requests, and Document Folders/Documents will no longer be copied automatically to the new project when the "New from Template" button is used.  This is the expected behavior. 




Any Clarity PPM release


You will have to choose between using the "New from Template" button or your Template process to copy all of these items over to the new project. Here is how to resolve this issue depending on your choice.

1.  If you choose to use the process to create your new projects from template, you will need to make sure you use the System Actions provided to copy the items you want over to the new project:

  • Copy Documents from Template
  • Copy Financial Plans from Template
  • Copy Risks/Issues/Change Requests from Template
  • Copy Staff from Template
  • Copy WBS Tasks from Template

NOTE:  If you want users to continue to be able to use the New From Template button, you can create a template process that launches on create and uses the provided system actions to copy the items you want

2.  If you want to use the "New from Template" button you will need to change your process to "On Hold" or "Draft" mode.  At that point the "New from Template" button will work the way it did before adding the template process.