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error Configuration context can not be loaded. Contact your System Administrator.


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Error Configuration context can not be loaded. Contact your System Administrator <== this message may occur after bringing up a new Web Viewer instance (when that instance was copied and then deployed on the new system). Users attempting to log in will see:

Message:   CA Output Management Web Viewer has experienced a problem, and your session has closed. What causes this issue?


It is fair to suspect that the CAOMWV12_HOME variable is not being set for the new system.  


This could occur in most any 12.1 Web Viewer environment where the External System Configuration was copied to a new system.


Determine how the variable is set. Is the environment variable set via one of the shell script files (for your older, working Tomcat/Web Viewer? 

If yes, review the old Tomcat shell scripts for modifications. The (Apache) recommended method is to create an file to add environment variables. Alternatively, you might have modified the or files. Assuming you did this for your old Tomcat, you'll need to do the same for your new Tomcat/Web Viewer system.

Additional Information

If this is not the cause (no Tomcat shell changes found)...

Please locate the new Tomcat (CATALINA_BASE) logs folder then browse the stdout file. Look for CAOMWV12_HOME. Expect a message like...

Environment variable - CAOMWV12_HOME: C:\Program Files\CA\CA_OM_Web_Viewer_12_1_home

If environment variable is properly set, this will point to the configured Web Viewer properties files. If not, this will default to the deployed application location (under webapps). Assuming the latter, please go back and find out why it was set for your old Tomcat but not the new one.